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In order to inform you of our policies and activities regarding the collection, use and transfer of personal data on the Internet, Austria Tecnologies S.A., in the following "Porto Mx Global Staffing"  provides you with an electronic copy of our Privacy Policy. This policy applies to websites within and outside theUnited States of America that belong and are operated by "Porto Mx Global Staffing" and / or companies that "Porto Mx Global Staffing"control, directly or indirectly , unless a website shows in particular its privacy policy.


"Porto Mx Global Staffing" It is the company that controls data regarding personal data collected and processed through its website. In this capacity, each of these entities of "Porto Mx Global Staffing" is registered with the corresponding data protection authorities regarding the processing of personal data through said websites. In this Policy, “Personal Data” is the information that refers to an individual and that identifies that person, either directly or indirectly (together with other information that is reasonable and that may come into the possession of "Porto Mx Global Staffing" ), such as your name, email address or phone number.

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