Our Clients



Major Insurance Company

We have more than 10 years working under the Staffing model with one of the largest international companies in the insurance industry with a presence in Mexico of 35 years.


We have managed to maintain an annual staff of 35 to 40 consultants specialized in technologies such as Java, .Net, BI, and Cobol. We have participated in Testing, Project Management and Change Management projects.


We have obtained the best results in finance, electronic accounting and incidents projects where the operation and development of new platforms has been improved to reinforce the experience of users and customers.

Major Telco Carrier

From 2007 to 2010, we did the implementation of the process reengineering for Oracle 2.0 platform in the Fulfilment, Financial, Purchasing and Warehouse modules.

We did develop and implement a Change Management Process for the post-Training of client´s  personnel.

We did Implement a  Data governance discipline to create  documentation of Oracle process responsibilities.

Tracking of fixed assets grandparents, parents and children as a result of the refurbish of signaling equipment at client sites.

Major Banking


In 2007, Porto Mx began collaborating for a major national bank in the area of technology using tools for development and maintenance such as JAVA EE 5, Oracle WebLogic, MySQL and Flex 2.0. Porto Mx participated in the creation of the platform to expose the information of each of the clients extracted from the Banking Datawarehouse to the internal users of the bank.


In 2009 Porto Mx developed two important projects:  Customer Portfolio Consultation System that allows to expose the client portfolio to the executives of all branches of the bank throughout Mexico; the second project, towards the end of 2010  to calculate the reserve that the bank should maintain and report to the National Banking and Securities Commission.


We provided maintenance to different Bank platforms where processes such as: Night Process and Data Migration between Platforms were involved.


Major Financial Institution

We initially started to provide a team of consultants that helped our client to gather business requirements from its customers and translate them into technical requests.  All consultants were the midpoint between business teams at the end customer side and development-team of our client.

Considering the success of the point mentioned above, we were able to build a Delivery Center model for our client for a major platform shift to the cloud.  We integrated two different teams that have been working as a cell in the overall international development team.  Porto Mx has provided the infrastructure, telecommunications and personnel.